Three-dimensional X-ray structures of macromolecules provide details on molecular architecture, protein-protein interactions, protein-nucleic acid interactions, substrate and cofactor binding to enzymes and ligand-receptor interactions. Such structural details not only illuminate protein function but also directly inform knowledge-based design of both small-molecule and biologic therapeutics. CCMSB investigators are utilizing X-ray crystallography to study cutting-edge problems in cardiovascular biology, immunity, neurodegeneration, and infectious disease among other areas. The CCMSB provides a collaborative environment for these investigators and their groups to share expertise and core instrumentation.

The CCMSB X-ray facility is equipped with a Rigaku rotating anode X-ray generator MicroMaxtm 007HF with VariMax confocal optics, a Saturn 944+ CCD X-ray detector and X-Stream 2000 cryogenic crystal cooling system.

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Timothy S. Owen

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